Moment with Yuri Zupancic, Interview for AKAA Art Contemporary Fair

What is inspiring to you ? 

We are living in strange days, being forced to evolve at the pace of our machines, while our machines are steadily destroying ecosystems and societal structures. But some of those structures need to be destroyed and re-built. We need new fundamental attitudes and enlightened perspectives. Artists must dream very boldly to help the world reach new understandings. At the moment I’m exploring ways to show the interconnected nature of the world and an all-permeating élan vital (life energy) existing even in machines and inanimate objects.

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Un moment avec Yuri Zupancic, AKAA Foire d'Art Contemporain

Quest-ce qui vous inspire ? 

Nous vivons dans des temps étranges, forcés d’évoluer au rythme de nos machines, alors que nos machines détruisent sans cesse les écosystèmes et les structures sociétales. Mais certaines de ces structures doivent être détruites et reconstruites. Nous avons besoin de nouvelles attitudes fondamentales et de perspectives éclairées. Les artistes doivent avoir des rêves fous pour aider le monde à se dépasser.

À l’heure actuelle, je suis en train d’explorer des façons de montrer la nature interconnectée du monde, et l’élan vital perpétuel (l’énergie de vie) qui existe même dans les machines et les objets inanimés.

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Exhibition and artist talk coverage by Enduring Puberty Press

by Creed Shephard


Wednesday, December 7th at the Lawrence Art Center, we got a chance to see a talk with an audience by my dear old friend Yuri Zupancic on his work, an impressive sample of it being on exhibit under the moniker, Screen Deep for the next few weeks.

. . .

“window ya gotta fall in love with this window                                                                                                                   It gets easier to detect its sentience

“The Breathing Screen”

What to be put in the bars                                                                                                                                         in place of TVs

Piece of many microchip

painted eyes.

Don’t resist the idea

Looking/being looked at what

does it all mean


exponential increase of awareness

• • •

Yuri Zupancic: Artist in Focus at Cider Gallery

Each of his artworks has a narrative; that of the conflict and the amalgamation of nature and technology. Yuri takes this subject to new heights by using the technology as his “canvas.” By doing so, he physically imprints technology with nature. His works features painted images that are organic in subject or form, often flora or plant matter, situated upon computer components such as: microchips, circuit boards, and sound cards. Some of these pieces feature a living element, where physical plants grow from within the artwork; it is these pieces that most closely reflect his stated ideology of “the spaces between.” These spaces represent a state that can be described as a node of connectivity that mirrors the inner mappings of the human brain.

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