Mère Nature

In 2019, Yuri Zupancic and Pauline Rolland collaborated on a series of installations on the backside of Aspen Mountain. This work explored the intimate and complicated relationship between humans and the natural world. The artists used sculpture, poetry and video art to create several installations depicting the physical form of Mère Nature (Mother Nature), her voice, and her concerns about the effects of living with humans on/in her body.

The mouth of Mère Nature was projected on a mountainside, reading a poem (in French and in English) about the many ways humans rely on her. Her watchful eye was projected on another mountain. And an abandoned mineshaft was transformed into her reproductive organs: labia, clitoris, vagina, and her uterus at the end of the mine, over 100 meters into the interior of Aspen Mountain. In her womb, intrepid visitors discovered that Mère Nature was in fact pregnant with a glowing green fetus. The artists encouraged visitors to sing and chant and play with the incredible acoustics of the mine shaft while making their way back to the entrance of the mine shaft where they were ‘reborn’ into the world through the labia of Mère Nature.

Speech bubbles were installed in the forest showing questions which Mère Nature might pose to humans, questioning the balance, integrity and feasibility of her relationship with humans. Viewers followed the path and read the questions, answering out loud or in silent reflection.

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Mère Nature Parle / Mother Nature Speaks: Video of the poem by Pauline Rolland which was projected on the mountain

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